To Fragment and, then, to Rebuild.


For 21 days straight, I was a multi-webcam street photographer in Budapest during September-October 2009.

Using still-captures from these multiple webcams in the streets, I have downsize all images to ultra-low pixel counts. On Day 1, each image was downsized to 1x3 pixels; Day 2 the image was downsized to 2x6 pixels, Day 5 became 5x15 pixels, and so on, until Day 21, when each image is 21 pixels in height (and about .001694 megapixels in total), and the original image reappears.

The images are then upsized almost to the original resolution, to give "color-blocks".

An Installation for Budapest Design Week for the Open Studio at Design Day included: a quad-webcam T-Shirt-Laptop capturing a live feed of the viewer, a large print of all pixels (Day 1-18), a video installation showing the non-pixelated images, and this website.

Occasionally the original untouched captures from the webcams give a sort-of strange, and sort-of unexpected experience of space, partly because of the hard-to-control nature of three simultaneous webcams. In that case I will post a small number of images here.

Here you can find is a short video showing all the frames crammed into one minute from the first 7 days. Do not watch if you get dizzy easily.

Please visit this page (15mb) to find every pixel from all 21 Days crammed into one short video. A layer of compression is added to further create a new kind of separation from the original image.

Please visit this page (18mb) for a very brief video documenting my typical process of shooting in Budapest. All images from this video and the image below shot by Zoltan Csik-Kovacs ( )

Tangential and influential projects here.

Here you will find every pixel-ized image of every image captured over 21 days:

Day 21 21x63 pixels
Day 20
Day 19
Day 18
Day 17
Day 16
Day 15
Day 14 14x42 pixels
Day 13
Day 12
Day 11
Day 10
Day 9
Day 8
Day 7 7x21 pixels
Day 6
Day 5
Day 4
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1 1x3 pixels

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